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Jun 1

My cat is dying.

Why he’s sick isn’t really the point. We don’t really know, and we’re not going to be finding out. We’re already providing him with care for the most probable cause; care for the other possible causes is too expensive to be worth it, given that he’s a very respectable fourteen years old, so we’re not paying for the tests that would tell us for sure what’s going on.

The important part is that he’s stopped eating, which is the thing that’s actively killing him. He’s so fucking skinny - christ. It’s breaking my goddamn heart to look at him. He’s always been a little on the chubby side of a healthy weight, and now he’s like a walking skeleton. I can feel every single rib when I pet him.

And I can’t just sit there and watch that, you know? I just can’t help but think that if I can get enough food into him, if I can bring his weight back up a bit, maybe he can rally enough strength to get through whatever this is.

Basically, I’m operating under the principle that the best food for a sick cat is whatever goddamn food you can convince the cat to eat, because I suspect that starving to death is a lot more dangerous for him than getting a little too much or too little of some vitamin or whatever. So far tonight I’ve managed to coax him into eating a little less than a teaspoon of scrambled eggs, and to lick a little bit of bacon grease off my fingers. Which felt like a hell of a victory, believe me, but it’s nowhere near enough for a cat to even maintaintheir weight, much less put more on. And he won’t eat anything else I offer him.

Is there anyone out there who’s dealt with a cat that won’t eat? Is there anything you’d recommend to try and tempt him into taking just a few fucking bites?

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    When my cat was in her final days, she refused to eat as well and we went through the same process as you. The only...
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    Soft food from the vets, microwaved for better smell, or his favourite food, warmed up …good luck
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    My cat developed serious kidney problems which affected her teeth badly. We eventually got her medication right and...
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    Probs don’t give the cat raw meat I would think, but the wet food is true for cats too. And tuna might work. Also, check...
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    When my first dog was sick and stopped eating, we switched from dry to wet food, and that kept her eating for a bit...